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A Guide to Purchasing Gold Coins

As always, to do something well, you have to be clear about what you want to do. In the case of an investment in gold, one must understand the purpose of said investment. You may choose to deal with physical gold that comes in the form of coins, bullions, gold bars, and jewelry. Several platforms can guide you in selecting the best gold coins for investing. Different kinds of interests may determine your reason to buy gold coins. They include:

To Speculate in the Short Term- People buy gold as they could buy any other good, with the idea that in a few days, weeks or months it will have risen in price, and they can sell it more expensively.

gold moneyTo Reduce the Volatility of an Investment Portfolio- Gold has fairly low volatility with respect to inflation, which is why some investors recommend having a certain percentage of individual investment portfolios invested in gold. Perhaps the best known is Harry Browne, an investment advisor who proposes a simple, stable portfolio with a reasonable historical return in which 25% of it is invested in gold.

Capital Shelter That Can Serve as Insurance Against Catastrophes- It may be a good idea to have a percentage of your assets “hidden” from accounting notes so that in the face of a catastrophe (from a divorce to a war) from the outset, it is not easy to get hold of all our capital.

Who Collects Gold Coins

Collecting gold coins is quite different from investing. The collector will seek to have fun and learn while the investor will seek a return. However, collecting can be an extra motivation for the investor in gold. Some are motivated to save and continue with their investment by buying gold coins every year. Investing about 1,000 euros a year in gold may be reasonable for a middle-class family, and the simple fact of buying an ounce as they go out already ensures that investment.

gold coinSome people also opt for historical gold coins because they consider it more beautiful. Many of them soon collect powerful gold coins and turn their investment in gold into a numismatic collectible even though they are two very different things. It is very important to ensure that everything is done in a legal and documented way when buying gold. If you are a merchant, you should always require an invoice, and if you are a private individual, you should need a private purchase-sale contract. This will keep you free from counterfeits, and you will have a smooth time during the trade.

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